Dr. Richard Eby - I Went To Hell - Near Death Experience

Dr. Richard Eby passed away on Dec. 2nd, 2002. Eby was a professor and obstetrician with a successful practice. In 1972, he fell off a balcony in Chicago and hit his head which led to a near-death experience. His journey into the afterlife included an extensive conversation with Jesus which you will read in the following pages. In 1978, Dr. Eby closed his medical practice in order to follow his calling into a full-time ministry.

In 1977 Jesus appeared to him at Lazarus' tomb in Israel and said he had more to show him -- that He wanted to show him what hell was like, so that he would go and tell others about it all. (He described Jesus' eyes as blazing "with laser-like brilliance of love, power and righteousness.") --

The description of hell was horrifying -- total terror, and one moment seemed like an eternity. With insane laughter, a thousand screaming, spider-sized demons mocked and taunted him with obscenities for believing their lies instead of God's truths. There was a pervasive, filthy stench. Deafening decibels of heavy metal voodoo sounds filled the place with a thousand, frenzied rock and roll bodies in epileptic-type seizures at the music. I could go on, but enough of that description.

Jesus said that He was showing him all this so that he would go back and tell others. Jesus said to him: "You are to go tell them! Tell them! Tell them! I have brought you here to reveal to you my commission . . . I am returning soon to receive my Body of believers, and I want you to tell people about those things I showed you in heaven and hell. I want you to show them the choice they must make between Me . . .and Satan. I will return for you and my Body of believers before you can complete this commission. I am returning soon!"

Warning: children under age should ask their parents before watching this hell testimony. This is Richard Eby's Hell Testimony. He was cast in the role of a sinner and got a chance to see and feel like how it's going to feel like as an un-justified sinner before the White Throne Judgement Seat after the millennial reign of Christ is complete. He also got to taste 2 minutes of the 1st death, which is in the pit currently, the holding tank for lost souls that are awaiting for the White Throne Judgement Day a long time from now. This is part 1. There are 2 parts to this. Check my page to find part 1. Here is a fascinating account of one physician's spellbinding encounter with miracles and wonders and his commission to share with others the saving grace of Jesus Christ.


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"I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love." Mother Teresa

Romans 10:13 - For "everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."

God is everywhere because nothing exists that is not a part of God. God is neither a man nor a woman nor a thing. Life itself is God. (Dr. PMH Atwater - NDE)

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