Dave Bennett - Near-Death Experience

Dave Bennett Every Near Death Experience has a beginning. This one had started many years ago. I am going to tell you this for my own loving therapy and well being and for anyone else going through something like this. The near death experience has changed my life turning it upside-down and inside-out. It continues to unfold and the writing of these pages, I hope will help me to remember more clearly my near death experience and all the changes within as they happened. By doing this, spirit has promised me a better understanding of why everything is happening as it is. The excerpts below are from the book we are writing.

On the night of my near death experience, I was working as the Chief Engineer on the research vessel. We had just returned from a job evaluating a new remote operated submersible with the manufacture’s representative. He was a strong minded ex-marine.

We couldn’t enter the small harbor of our home port because the sea was so rough that the ship would bottom out if a wave broke under the hull. The harbor entrance was shallow for our size ship. It was late at night when we stood a couple miles off shore and decided to enter the harbor after the storm broke the next day. That didn’t change the fact that the submersible representative was very anxious to get to shore so he could catch his flight from LA to home the next morning.

A couple of crew members wanted to go home as well and had decided they would meet the ship at the dock in the morning. Our research vessel cost millions of dollars per day to keep out to sea, so it was normal to send some crew home to keep cost down. Usually the deck crew takes clients and representatives into shore, but this was not a normal night. We knew the seas were rough. The captain thought that maybe the chief engineer should go along. So I was roped into this job. We figured we’d better break out the life vests just to be safe. We were trying to be cautious and could foresee someone possibly going over the side.


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"Intense love does not measure; it just gives" Mother Teresa

Psalm 41:13 - Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting! Amen and Amen.

The Biblical name for God, "I AM," really has a question mark behind it. "I AM? WHAT AM I?" (Mellen-Thomas Benedict - NDE)

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